Sometimes you get to the point that you cannot but have to take a new look at yourself, and this been orchestrated by the conjoined issues of contrasting personalities and the subtle pressure of men’s judgement on you. You are caught up in a twist of belief and diversionary facts. All of these force you to wake up to a reality of a new world. A world that you must now learn to fight alone. People that you trusted before now are suddenly confused about who you really are, and are no longer willing to risk any bit of their lives anymore for you except for their convenience. You have ceased to be an issue to deal with. People you supposedly trusted for such moments like this were the first to leave in a hurry, closing the doors of their heart when they have scarcely withdrawn. Leaving you in the cold of the night hopelessly presuming somehow you will survive through, and if per adventure you don’t, well, it is the consequences of the wrong choices you’ve made. The hurtful dashing of your foot and tripping off on your way to destiny almost looks like the closing bell of a village primary school where at that sound the pupils scramble to be the first to leave the premises, even if it is at the verge of concluding the last lesson of the day. When this happens, you are bound to have a rethink of all your friends that left and ask yourself; “were they really here?”.

While some actually left in confusion, some did leave because they were consumed with the destructive sense of self righteousness, others drown in an overwhelming sense of having apprehended, in their own mind, exactly the race set before them, even if dealing with this is part of it.

We all presume to be good in what we profess until our known limits are stretched. Very few ever reach their breaking point even with the Spirit of Christ living and at work in us. This scenario only makes good when all indices are perfectly good and terrible when some factors are terrible.

If you have a job to help someone and you do not do for whatever reason, you have failed and are accountable to God. If you are expected to assist someone and you didn’t for any reason or you are meant to support but turned back irrespective of your strongest argument, you should know that you owe your loyalty to God first then to any man. Therefore, when the going is still good, ask yourself, “who am I and to what extend am I prepared to be who I am without I?”



A disciple is one who willfully abandoned everything to be with Jesus for the sole purpose of becoming like Him. This is not a “one-stop-shop-purchase” but a process called DISCIPLESHIP. This process begins at New Birth as new born babes (1 Peter 2:2) to maturity (Hebrews 5:12-14). It is essential for anyone seeking to grow deeper in Christ. It remains a classic truth that to call oneself a Christian means surrendering all to Christ, this is scarcely the truth known by the average Christian found even in the pew today.

The life of a disciple demands some basic sacrifices which are intended to make him proficient in being a disciple. When the Master said “follow me” He means every bit of the words; the abandonment of hitherto status, estate and dreams to a total trust and surrender for His. On the way to the making of a disciple anyone or anything can be a weight that “doth easily beset”, therefore, utmost care must be given to what our hearts can easily be moved by.

The Master said “Abide in Me and I in you”. The call to abiding in Him is undoubtedly a call to discipleship where ones life is radically influenced and grossly affected into a total transformation to a life that can be permeated by God in order to produce His life through His disciples. Only when we abide in Him can He work on and in us to process a natural man into a spiritual man that He can reproduce Himself through.

May find you willing in the place of abiding so He can have time to do a thorough work on you and make you a man that can bear fruit, a disciple indeed.



The present church has really been comatose for quite a while now in the midst of brilliant revelations and expressions of the Spirit of God. In all history, the church hasn’t been this busy yet it seems with little record of its activities in heaven.
The church, which is the BODY OF CHRIST, is supposed to have the attributes and the characteristics of the owner of the body; Dominion, Power, Righteousness, Judgement, Glory, Justice and many more that affirms the dominion of Christ on earth. But alas! She has gone cold and formal, and being so much institutionalized both in terms of presentation and content. The vacuum that exists where God is absent are unfortunately filled in with dogmas instead of a penitent return for The Lord to filled His Temple once again.
The devil cannot deny the gospel, so he corrupts it and this has made many of us victims of this tempered gospel. A lot has been now accepted in the Christendom that does not seem to be evil but yet not having any base in the scriptures. They keep us busy yet very far from the transforming power of the Word. It always has to be the gospel truth or you may end up with a doctrine or a belief that may be somewhat harmless but deceiving. Another product of seducing spirits! (1 Tim 4:1).
The Church must arise now and get rid of dogmas, doctrines, worldliness and personality worship that have sedated her, for the Bridegroom cometh! She must be dressed already!
Every Christian must know that he/she is called unto discipleship and that the Church is not where we go but rather who we are. There is an urgent need for everyone who seats on the pew or stands on the altar to be really transformed by the renewing of his/her mind through the knowledge of the Word of God. The abundant life and the life in the Spirit characterized by a full manifestation of the Holy Spirit is not only for a selected few but to everyone who dares to enter into the liberty that Christ has made available. This ought to be the goal of every denomination.


The concept of manufacturing usually comes with some defined parameters and specifications carefully put in place. The design of any product is determined by its purpose, and for one to maximally enjoy any gadget he acquires he must operate and use it within the manufaturer’s advice. This is so important that a booklet accompanies just about every gadget, device or machine. It is called “The User’s Manual”, with a warning for one to read it before operating the machine or whatever the device is. This suggests in simple terms that, not operating the machine according to recommedations can cause damage or malfunction, and in some cases, it is dangerous to the operator.
Man is an intriguing piece of work exquisitely put together by the master Creator, originally made for a purpose achievable at his best only if in tune with his Maker. He was created with enormous potentials and was given dominion and power to subdue and rule upon the earth. The purpose for man was what determined his make and when powered by God’s Spirit, he comes alive to living and fulfilling his true essence of existence. A life or a system existing independent of God’s Spirit is bound to malfunction; what is designed to be a powerful unit in God’s domain ends up being a tool in the hands of the devil and used for the devil’s various purposes just the way he chooses. How pathetic will it be when one is designed and built for a higher purpose but lives a life outside what he is built for. And because you did not live the life you were raised for, there is no record of you there where you were conceived, designed, built and sent from!
Today we have countless men and women that men are celebrating, copying and even immortalising but God has no record of what they are doing or have done except the record that they were once sent here. This is irrespective of their affluence or influence in this world, anything can be a success to men but not to God.
Consider what God said to someone:
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)
To you He is still saying same today. Jeremiah is set apart and appointed as a prophet just the same way you are set apart and appointed for something. You are tailor-made for something particular. Your endowments are meant to equip you for achieving God’s own purposes and pleasure not yours (see Revelations 4:11).
Can you boldly say as in Hebrews 10:7?
Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God. (KJV)
Have you found yet the brief for your life? What is it that can be a summary or an abstract that should tell about what your life is originally meant to be? A perverted life is undoubtedly a corrupted one and you cannot afford to live less than the life you are designed for.
If you have not found out make it a point of duty to find it, nothing should stop you because of its significance; it means this whole life to us. It is definitely God’s own good pleasure to make it known to you if you really want your life to conform to God’s users’ manual for your life. You cannot find that anywhere else except in Him.
Only one thing makes it difficult, not for God but for you, to know and to live that kind of a life; sin. This is because sin is a condition, it is not a mistake that can be modified through behavior. It makes your life incompatible with the kind of life that guarantees fulfilling purpose. That condition is changed by the power of God which is demonstrated through His love for us. And it becomes possible to have and live his kind of life. Righteous deeds and living holy are a by-product of our relationship with God! Maturity then becomes imperative for harnessing all the design specifications used in putting you together.
When you find God and you begin walking with Him in His will, plan and purpose, you become more conscious of the spiritual and the supernatural world than the physical. Everything in and around you is affected. Your genes take over you only because what was meant by default to determine and drive you is not there. The DNA and other hereditary patterns become your identity simply because the physical architecture has replaced the real person that you are, which is inside, the one God is concerned with. Your genetic makeup is originally wired to seek its essence and functional purpose in its designer hence the conscious and subconscious quest and beliefs in deities of multiple variance but with no elation that it yearns after. There is a code in every man that can only be deciphered in its real creator and in no one and in nothing else. You are designed to find expression best in God, nothing else brings you into true fulfilment and greatness.

The Location For Manifesting God’s Grace

Prior to the New Testament, people of God find tremendous epiphany and a relishing of an experience they had had with God by going back to the location of where they had the encounter; therefore they raised altars for God in such areas. In New Testament, things are different in that the focus is completely on the Person with which the experience is had than in the place. And to furthermore know that He will never leave us nor forsake us shows quite a distinct way of relating with the God of the experience in our dispensation. What thus is required is our positive response to the unlimited grace and mercy that is with His presence in us and the covenant He has already made with us.
(to be cont’d)

I won’t stop

I won’t stop, I won’t stop till I’m made like you.
Though the route may be rocky for this journey to deter.
And my foot be dashed upon the stone.
I won’t stop, I won’t stop till I’m made like you.

I won’t stop, I won’t stop till I’m made like you.
Though the weather may be chilly for this flesh to bear
And too cold my bones to endure.
I won’t stop, I won’t stop till I’m made like you.

I won’t stop, I won’t stop till I’m made like you.
Though the glamour of this world be made to compare
And all the pleasures thereof surge.
I won’t stop, I won’t stop till I’m made like you.